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What does good theology, Pelagius, fish-n-chips and suffering have in common? It's not the sufferings of Job that is discussed at length, but the special guest who will be discussing suffering. It's not important that Job understands why suffering came to him, what's important is that Job trusts God. At the end of the day, the book of Job is about trust. It's believing that God does what is right in the end, even if we don't understand. Listen now to Stop My Mouth with Carl and Todd with a special guest as they discuss the benefits of being fined for skipping church.

With no students to teach Steve Nichols, Research Professor of Christianity and Culture at Lancaster Bible College, joins Todd and Carl on Mortification of Spin to discuss Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Was Bonhoeffer an Evangelical, was he even a Christian? At what point are his writings helpful for us? Steve demonstrates that Dietrich Bonhoeffer is clearly an important Christan thinker whose life and death lend weight to his writings. Whether we agree, disagree, love or hate him, Bonhoeffer has earned the right to be heard.

On Mortification of Spin, Todd Pruitt and Carl Trueman talk about the necessity of dressing up in order to attend church on Sunday and how that standard must be maintained at all costs. However, both aim to avoid conflict but understand that only through conflict will the church be around in 53 years. Listen right now to this episode of Mortification of Spin and Carl will tell you the correct way to pronounce controversy.

Todd Pruitt and Carl Trueman discuss the recent publication of Rosaria Champagne Butterfield’s Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. Dr. Butterfield, a former Lesbian professor, came to faith in Jesus Christ through the ministry of an unassuming Reformed pastor and his family. Not only so, but she has come all the way from radical professor to home-schooling pastor’s wife in an exclusive psalm singing denomination.

Hosts Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt discuss the evangelical fascination with being cool. The problem with being cool is that it is the overarching culture or zeitgeist that determines what is cool and what is not. Christians are called to be conformed to the image of the Son and this implies some very uncool ramifications which come in for consideration during this interesting conversation.

Hosts Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt discuss the tragedy of suffering in a fallen world. While recognizing the reality of natural evil (such as illness and earthquakes), the conversation focuses on moral evil in which human beings inflict on one another intentional malice. The truth of the matter is that we live in a world where evil things happen.

Hosts Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt have a friendly conversation about things that matter. In this episode the hosts discuss the temptation for Christians to poorly imitate the cultural fashions of the world around them. Rather, Christians are called to fulfill their callings as unto the Lord. The conversation then turns to the nature of sanctification or how the Christian relates to the OT law. Is sanctification simply a matter of getting used to one’s justification or does it involve a daily dying to sin and living to righteousness?